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Why do people like rose gold bracelets

Is there a more romantic material in the world than rose gold? Many of us have heard of rose gold, but what exactly is rose gold? What are the characteristics of rose gold bracelets or rose gold-plated bracelets? This practical guide will explain in detail the characteristics of rose gold and how to style your rose gold jewelry.

What is rose gold?

Let’s start with the basics and describe it. What exactly is rose gold? In fact, it is not 100% gold. Many times this metal, also known as pink gold or red gold, is actually misleading. Rose gold is an exquisite mixture of classic gold and copper metal. Of course, the exquisite mixture of gold and silver metal is also rose gold. The color of silver and copper are combined with the color of gold to create the familiar rose gold pink hue.

When you mix pure gold with most copper alloys and a small amount of silver, it will take on the color of rose gold. Our common typical formula for 18k gold is an alloy composed of 75% gold, 21% copper, and 4% silver. Essentially, the more copper in the mixture, the redder the jewelry appears; the less copper, the pinker.

Does rose gold tarnish?

Loss of luster is due to the darkening of the color of the metal due to the chemical reaction of the metal with oxygen in the air. Generally speaking, it is the rust of the metal. This sounds unpleasant, nor is it. By observing older jewelry or decorations, it is not difficult to find that the rust on these old jewelry is usually very obvious, black and dirty, and looks like a layer of dirt is covered on your precious treasure.

The good news is that rose gold does not change color. Although it will start to look darker and redder after many years of wear and tear, this is not due to oxidation and loss of luster. This is where the copper part of the rose gold becomes darker and looks more retro. It usually takes many years of wear and tear to make this wonderful change happen, so you don’t have to worry about it.

In life, many people are looking for and buying jewelry with this dark and retro look, because this kind of outer jewelry looks like an interesting retro jewelry.

Is rose gold durable?

We all know that the texture of gold is not particularly hard, and people usually don’t use pure gold to make larger jewelry, so the alloy part of gold jewelry makes the jewelry stronger. Copper is considered to be one of the most durable metals. Due to the addition of copper, the hardness of gold increases, and larger jewelry can be made. Gold with a certain proportion of copper is rose gold. So we can see many rose gold bracelets and rose gold necklaces.

Does Cavny Jewelry have a beautiful rose gold bracelet?

The composition, advantages and disadvantages of rose gold have been introduced above. Do you have some understanding of rose gold? If you already know and like rose gold, I will recommend you a beautiful rose gold bracelet.

The main material of these bracelets is sterling silver, and the surface of the bracelet is plated with rose gold. Their prices are cheaper than rose gold bracelets, but with the rose gold color, you don’t have to worry about the fading of these jewels. If you like them and want to buy them, I recommend you to use coupon code “S10”, 10% off on any order.

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