What size ring should I wear?

First, you can measure the circumference of the finger you need to wear the ring, just like the picture below, it takes three steps to complete.

Before starting, prepare the tools for measuring the ring size: inelastic thread, ruler, pen, scissors.

1. Wrap the rope around the root of your finger (measure which finger is on which hand you wear the ring) twice. The rope should not be too tight and the fingers should not be uncomfortable.

2. Use a pen to mark the same position on the two loops of rope. The mark should not be too thick, so as not to affect the accuracy of the measurement.

3. Straighten the rope and measure the length between the two marks with a ruler. This length corresponds to the circumference of the ring.

1. Use this method to measure the size of the finger. For the accuracy of the data, it is best to measure several times and take the average.
2. Everyone’s hand shape is different, especially some friends have thicker finger joints, so when measuring, the circumference of the joint part shall prevail.
3. Due to the colder weather in winter, the finger is one size to half size thinner than in summer. If you want to get a more exact size, you can measure it at night. In summer, it is best to measure in the morning.

Then, you can know the size of the ring you need to wear based on your measurement results and the size table below.

How should I choose the size of the necklace or bracelet?

The size of necklaces and bracelets is one size. Before purchasing, you can refer to the product model renderings, or contact us at service@cavny.com.