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adjustable heart bracelet
adjustable heart bracelet

Adjustable Heart Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Crystals and Sapphires

Details: The adjustable heart bracelet is made of sterling silver. The bracelet is rhodium plated. The bracelet has two connected silver hearts, the big heart is inlaid with round created white sapphires, and the small heart seems to be kissing the big heart. There are two round crystals attached to the two sides of the heart. The crystals come in two colors of blue and pink, which are very fashionable when combined with the heart. The chain length of the bracelet is adjustable, with a total length of 7.87 inches. Implication: The elegant heart-shaped shape of this bracelet shows a clear understanding of each other, so the implication of this bracelet is "God-given fate is fixed between each other, no matter how beautiful the spark is, it is not as good as the sparkle in front of me. I just want to connect you to my fate".