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Our Story

The Cavny Jewelry brand began in California in 2015. There is a beautiful and touching story behind it.

Cavny is a charming woman, and Albert comes from a jewelry family. On her 18th birthday, Cavny passed by Albert’s jewelry store and was attracted by a beautiful sapphire necklace. At the same time, Albert was attracted by her charming appearance. Later, the necklace became Cavny’s birthday gift. No one knew whether Cavny paid for it. They only knew that Cavny and Albert fell in love, and they transformed their love for each other into beautiful jewelry.

Later, they had a beautiful baby. In order to express his deep love for Cavny, Albert founded the Cavny Jewelry brand.

Cavny Jewelry Our Story

Our Mission

We transform ideas into beautiful and unique jewelry designs. Through the clever use of materials, colors and shapes, we strive to create stunning pieces that satisfy our clients' pursuit of beauty.

Our Vision

We hope to inspire people with inspiration and emotion through my jewelry designs. We believe jewelry has the unique power to be a way for people to express their love, commemorate special moments and express their personality.

Responsible and Sustainable Development

Happy Customer

Once you see the gift, you place the order without hesitation, and the beautiful gift will be delivered quickly. The expectant eyes and the amazing feedback.

Free Shipping

Free shipping on any order. What you see is what you get, you don’t need to spend extra money, the exquisite gift will appear in front of you.

Made With Love

Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted by hand. We make them with love and give them the meaning of love. The world is full of love.

Customer Review

so pretty!!!
absolutely worth the money! perfect size! amazing sparkle! so pretty!
- Donald Duclk
Happy to recommend
This pendant is so pretty with the little cat in the design My grand daughter will love it
- Niamh Oxley
absolutely beautiful
The color is gorgeous and as bright as in the photos. I'm very happy with my choice
- Mary Green
I loved it beautifully
I liked the size, color, and size as I imagined. I bought it as a gift.
- Niamh Oxley
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